Saturday 26 June 2010

Twist and shout

calorimetry knitting in my first hand spun yarnSo, my first yarn is spun, plied and knitted. And I learned the following:
  • I spun it way, way too much - you do not need to put that much twist in.
  • Plying seems to resolve some of that.
  • Despite all that, you really don't see it in the knitted fabric - well, you do if you look closely, and perhaps it's a bit stiffer than it might otherwise have been, but, really, it is surprisingly forgiving.
  • Andean plying is the most awesomely clever thing and easier than it looks in the diagrams.
  • I want a spinning wheel.

close up of the calorimetry
The end product is a calorimetry, partly because I wanted to make one; mostly because I didn't have a lot of yarn, and I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to make that would only take about 100m.

(And the colour in these photos is probably a bit more true to life than those in the previous post with the yarn on the spindle.)

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