Monday 4 January 2010


sock - gibsonKnitting again, after a burst of jewellery making in the run up to christmas and then a little diversion into cross stitch. Knitting and summer don't always go together, but socks are always a safe choice - and I always seem to have a couple of pairs half finished.

Tsock - gibson detailhese ones are in Blue Moon's Socks that Rock in a colourway called Gibson. They're a pretty standard top down sock, borrowing a stitch pattern called Sliding Bars from one of Cat Bordhi's books, which you can just barely see in the second image.

baby jacket - autumn tonesI've also finished, or nearly finished, a couple of baby jackets. They've been sitting around almost finished for a couple of months now, but as they're intended for a couple of people I work with who are expecting babies now-ish, I really has to get my act together.

Both are in Morris & Sons' Paddington, which is 80/20 bamboo/merino. It's a gorgeous yarn - with the silky touch that bamboo has. The pattern is my variation on Helena from Knitty but with a square neck, and with the stripes sort of influenced by Dream in Color's Tulip cardigan.

baby jacket - blues and greensThe autumny one is bigger - probably good for about a one year old; the blue green one is much closer to genuine new baby. I'm not a big fan of traditional pastels for babies.

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