Saturday 2 January 2010


I've been thinking about doing an a-photo-a-day challenge on and off for a while (in my probably never get around to it kind of a way). New Year's day seemed like a good starting point, and then I read a suggestion that your birthday is a good starting date, rather than the pressure of the beginning of the year. Like that was going to buy me a lot of time! So, here's the first photo.

Not a lot of thought went into it - I was running out of time if I wanted to start this today, and I didn't want to go outside and look for something, so I was wandering around the house looking for something to photograph when I spotted this tiny star-shaped piece of paper, dropped on the floor when I was punching shapes out of scraps of paper in case I wanted to use them in some unspecified craft project some day. The title suggested itself once I looked at time image (truly, it doesn't look that dusty in real life).

I wouldn't want to overstate what I'm hoping to achieve. I'm not even remotely a photographer; I've got a little automatic digital camera, nothing fancy; I can point and shoot and understand a couple of the settings on it. This would be the limit of what I know.

But the object of the exercise isn't really the photos. I want to make myself see something new each say - or perhaps see something familiar in a new way. If I get better at taking photos - and I hope I will - that'll be a bonus. I also want to make myself write something - even something brief - most days, and this gives me a starting point. Maybe I'll write about other stuff as well, who knows.

So, lessons learned today? The date on the camera was wrong (now fixed) and I need to vacuum.

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