Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tangerine squeeze

Tangerine squeeze

Inspiration: Rectangle Squared from Film in the Fridge
Fabric:  Fabricworm custom fat quarter bundle

Summer Squeeze fabric bundle from Fabricworm
Alice Kennedy Apple Flowers Aqua (100% Organic)
Mod Green Pod Daisy Doodle Aqua (100% Organic)
Angela Hoey Sherbert Pips Skipping Square Dots Light Blue
Michael Miller Ta Dot Sea

Momo Wing It! Solid Stripes Turquoise
Joel Dewberry Sparrow Aqua
Joel Dewberry Damask Saffron
Robert Kaufman Metro Living Rings Orange
Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Tangerine
Monulana for Birch Fabrics Circa 60 Beach Mod Dot Rust (100% Organic)
Deena Rutter Happier Floral Orange
Denyse Schmidt Pie Basket Fiesta

There was juuuust enough fabric in the bundle (12 fat quarters) to make 80 blocks.

Mind, this is after I made a couple of errors while cutting: the Ta Dot Sea doesn't appear in the quilt at all, because I managed to cut the whole fat quarter in 2.25" strips instead of 3.25" without noticing 'til I was done. There's less of the Pie Basket Fiesta than there should be for a similar reason.

The clothesline doubles as a design wall

To up-size the quilt (finished size is approx 80" x 98"), as well as making more blocks, I increased the size of the sashing between the blocks. Other than that, she's pretty much faithful to the original, down to the detail in the border.

Nothing new here - this cute detail is from the original too

Double fold bias binding
Fabric for the bias (and also the plain white backing) from Craft Depot.

Shelley Rodgers fabulously detailed continuous bias tape instructions (via a comment on Jezebel) made a huge difference.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weighty matters

Rather than pinning pattern pieces to fabric - with all the time that takes and damage to the tissue paper it causes, I now plan to use pattern weights.

Like Ruby from Zaaberry, I've been sewing for years without having heard of, much less used them.

The fabric is leftovers, mainly from niece-the-younger's Christmas quilt. They're filled - about two-thirds full - with some sort of lentils.

Idea and tutorial from Zaaberry via Sew Mama Sew.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Monarch of the Glen

To Sculpture by the Sea this morning. 

The plan was to go early and beat the heat and the crowds, but that didn't happen.

Not so much lions and tigers and bears (oh my), as lions and elephants and zebras.

Tamarama had some Easter Island-like heads - or as those of my generation may think of them, Malcolm Frasers.