Monday 16 May 2011

A little help from your friends

Much progress over the last week on the blue quilt, which was a bit unplanned, as I'd intended to try to make more or less equal progress on the two quilts. Mostly, this is because I'm lazy and, when I used different colour thread for each of them, I and decided it was easier to stick with one quilt for a bit rather than change the cotton over all the time.

Which has turned out well, as I've discovered that my quarter inch seams are a bit more than a quarter of an inch. I'm stuck with it for the blue quilt, but I can re-do the small amount I've done of the pink one and rectify the situation.

For the blue quilt, I think I'll add a couple of borders to compensate.

From all these strips:

sewn together, cut up and sewn back together in a different order:
Then cut up again, and sewn back together:

Until you start to get something like this:

and this:
I had a little help with the sewing, in the person of the very inquisitive Rosa:

and also while I was laying the squares out on the bed (in lieu of a design wall):

Although to be honest, I don't think Roger was very interested:

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